© 2016 Pasi Autio

Vieras askel / An Unusual Step

Duration: 7 min 40 s
16:9 HD video on blu-ray
stereo sound
Languages: Finnish (Vieras askel), English (An Unusual Step).

Thank you:
Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, The Arts Council of Finland, The Arts Council of Uusimaa.

The starting point for my video An Unusual Step was the wonder of walking. How do we walk without falling? My attempt to answer the question through logical reasoning only ended up in confusion after noticing how little my consciousness understands my own body's functions.

In An Unusual Step, I use walking as a tool to express the complexity of the body's functions that we take for granted as well as the complex relationship between the functions and conscious thinking. If you try to control your body consciously when walking, you may notice that walking becomes difficult and changes from decelerating slowly falling forward into an extremely slow balancing.

Click image above to play the Vieras askel
Click image above to play the An Unusual Step